Jump Start
Get up and prime your body for the day’s challenges. This 45 minute class is specifically designed for the  working professional who wants an intense workout before their busy day begins. Studies show morning exercise increases your metabolism, puts you in a better mood, and stimulates your brain to continue to make healthier decisions throughout the day.


REV Total Body Challenge
Experience a workout that challenges your whole body! Whether you're short on time or are seeking the ultimate total body workout, this class will work your every muscle and target those trouble spots. A combination of resistance training, plyometrics, cardio drills, and abs will make sure to boost your heart rate and metabolism and send you on your way to a healthier, leaner body. All ages and fitness levels welcomed.


Cardio Kickboxing
Kickboxing is a great way to get in the best shape of your life. Get lean and tone up through this exciting workout which combines conditioning drills, weight training, and useful fighting skills. Punch and kick your way through class while you follow the beat
of rockin' music and experience the cardiovascular and resistance training benefits of this fun workout. All ages and fitness levels welcomed.


This 45 minute class is designed around timed intervals of cardio and strength that makes for a high intensity workout.


TRX Fusion
The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original bodyweight-based training tool that builds strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. Every body movement is powered by the torso – the abs and back working together to support the spine during everyday activities; Suspension Training works to build that needed core strength. This class combines the benefits of the TRX Suspension Trainer with other resistance and cardio training techniques to provide the ultimate total body workout for the best all around fitness.


Revolution Sports Performance
The best way to become a better athlete isn't just by practicing your sports - it's by improving your overall athletic ability. The core of this program focuses on proper biomechanic movements and functional, multi-joint exercises which form the foundation of all sports. This will directly translate into improvements on the field, better general conditioning, and injury prevention. Middle school,high school, and college athletes welcomed.

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