Introducing the TRX Suspension Trainer

Introducing the Total Body Resistance eXercise Suspension Trainer. Revolution Fitness is the only Lambertville- area studio or gym featuring the TRX Suspension Training system and classes. This cutting edge, complete total body training tool works with gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. Whether you are at the beginning of your fitness journey or in peak physical condition, the TRX provides an intensely effective and fun workout that leaves no part of the body untrained.  What makes the TRX so unique is that it takes into consideration that the body is a chain of interconnected muscles that work together to perform movements. Where typical gym machines isolate your individual muscle groups the TRX simultaneously engages the legs, core, shoulders, arms, and neck in simple, easy to follow exercises. This in turn builds total body strength, balance, core stability, and flexiblity.  The TRX is also the first training device that challenges the body in every plane of movement making it the only method of training that applies real life movements to exercise. It's time to join the revolution, evolve your training, and achieve maximum results with minimal effort and time.

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Revolution Fitness
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